Worth It!

I met Todd through a co-worker because I was interested in selling my house. From the minute I had contact with Todd I knew he was the right person to help me sell my house; he was very polite … , professional and immediately offered some good advice and suggestions on getting my house ready for sale with the fastest and easiest turnaround in mind. He even gave me some contacts like painters, plumbers and carpet installers. Once I got my house ready to sale we listed the house on a Wednesday. By that same evening we already had an offer plus multiple calls, but Todd suggested we wait until the weekend to see what other offers came in. Sure enough, by the end of the weekend we had multiple offers. I met with Todd to look over the various offers and talk about what each one was and the pros and cons of each. I am very happy that I Iistened and took Todd’s advice because he not only got me more than my asking price but we also closed very quickly without any problems. It was a very smooth sale process. It was all worth it and the buyers loved it!—