Well, not exactly. While our temperatures here in the great State of Texas seem to change by the minute, now is the time to plant a few seeds in your very own garden.

Some Texas gardeners suggest the following for a bloom into Spring: Cornflower, Snapdragon, and the ever so lovely Petunias. So head down to your local garden store and get these seeds in the dirt!

For planting seeds in the real estate market, experts suggest the month of FEBRUARY as one of the best months to place your house on the market. Why, you may ask? Many sellers may hold off until Spring/Summer months to list their home, giving you the advantage of being the best and the brightest out there and the opportunity to be your own Snapdragon in a sea of Kale and Cabbage flower beds J

Think about it… and CALL ME TODAY so we can discuss the options and opportunities. You never know what may bloom for you this Spring, when you plant the seeds now. 


Trish Moore